Bismark Solusi Konsultan was established under the awareness to employ and utilize experienced professionals who realize that business and legal problems in Indonesia are so complex and challenging to be explored. With our multi-disciplinary background, we provide you various kinds of consultancies which include Law, Business, Management, Engineering, Information Technology, Tax, Banking and Finance.

Problems will be simply solved in an efficient and effective way if handled by the correct professionals who constantly learn and enrich his/her knowledge. We will always learn from everyone including from you so we can be successful in providing solutions for you.

We are here to accompany, to help and to assist you finding the best solution to your problem.

The main idea of Bismark Solusi Konsultan is to satisfy the clients by preparing them to be progressive in responding future business competition. Therefore, we give problem-solving services with the best business effective solution.

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Jl. Iskandarsyah I No.3A, Kebayoran Baru
Jakarta Selatan 12160
Phone  : (+6221) 7258353, 72801660
Fax      : (+6221) 7258341
E-mail   : info@bismark.co.id




There’s Always Solution For Every Problem Unsettled business problem might take involved parties to devastation and therefore it needs harmonious settlement. Problems also might derive from mismanagement or other sort of internal trouble. We believe that there is always solution for every problem and Bismark works everyday in researching new methods for resolving latest kind of business difficulties.



To Help, Assist, And Give Guidance For You To Find Then Solve The Problem With The Most Effective Solutions.
After problems come, we are obliged to instantly help, assist and give guidance for our clients to find then solve the problem with the most effective solutions. Fast respond is urgently needed in this global business environment and thus Bismark aims for giving helpful advice for the satisfaction of our clients.