Our consulting services are focused on business law. We provide solution-oriented advice and services, whether you are starting a business or taking one to the next level. The main idea of Bismark Solusi Consultant is to make you prepared and ready in commemorating business competition in the future, by providing the best and effective business solutions.:

Business development assistance - Business Transformations Consultant Service: We provide comprehensive methods to meet the need of an accelerated transformation in an organization. By using a strategic and holistic approach, we hope that you will achieve world-class business performance.
Such an approach would consist of several factors which include but are not limited to: analysis of the company’s performance quality, planning and development system, mapping and gap analysis of the company compared to other world-class organizations, implementation system, internal training and all factors related to organization.

Corporate culture is very important and also needs special attention, because it is so dynamic and has to go side by side with the changes taking place in the company, such as coping with progress in information technology, etc. The change in Corporate Culture needs to be implemented in stages while seriously taking into consideration all the aspects involved therein so that it corresponds with other sectors and the general improvements of the company’s performance.


Our corporate legal division provides legal information and services for better understanding of the rules and regulations in doing business in Indonesia, especially in relations to joint venture arrangements, project finance, mergers, acquisitions, licensing agreements, banking, shares and bonds, organizations of mutual funds, constructions project, and intellectual property. Last but not least, we also provide services in case settlement through alternative dispute resolution including but not limited to arbitration and negotiations.


Human Resources Managing not only calls for capability in maintaining and communicating but also requires a variety of other competencies. BISMARK will provide you with services such as managerial job description, transitional management, communication skills (task and project delegation), supervising and developing staff competence through motivation techniques, mentoring, delegating, constructive input and creative resolutions to conflicts, and change management.


Motivation is our “paddle” which will help us achieve happiness and life enrichment, as well as aid us to identify, accept and be aware of one’s goals and dreams. Strategic Marketing, Marketing Plan, Marketing Target, Marketing research, Marketing segmentation, marketing SWOT analysis, are some of the sectors that need to be learned; Marketing Tools, Marketing database, Marketing software, Consumer Protection, New Product Marketing, Pricing Strategies, Marketing Course, Marketing Services, Marketing Communication and IT Marketing are other sectors that are no less important.


A leader must be able to cope with his emotions and handle the audience well. We will help you to upgrade your public speaking skills and raise your confidence. You have to know your audience, speak effectively and be able to make use of every situation spontaneously.
The most important thing in improving your personality is to just be yourself, not somebody else that you want to be. If you want to be a better person, then be a better of you.