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Managing Partner :

Dr. Imam Haryanto, Drs., SH., MH.

Partner :

Dr. Gunawan Widjaja, SH., MH., MM., M.KN.

Heribertus S.Hartojo, SH., MH.



Senior lawyer :

Wiko Widiyanto SH., M.Bus.



Junior Lawyer :

Fikri Iqbal, SH.

Melati Prashanty, SH.


Bismark Law Firm is an Indonesian Law Firm providing international standards legal services to Indonesian and foreign clients.
We always maintains a close working relationship with foreign and domestic Law Firm, University, Consultant, International Arbitration Institution, Professionals Advisor, Banks, Companies, Government Authorities, and Individuals.
We will assist you in solving your problem. With accurate sight and wide knowledge, problem will accomplish. And most importing is, in every creating new business always put our legal review in order to avoid problem in the future.

Understanding the Dispute in both sides then we will be wise.

To help the client in order to understand what, where and why the dispute outcome, then guiding the client to choose the best solution.

Our dream is to make the biggest and reliable law firm in helping the clients in solving their business problem. Focus and concentrate the interest of partner/advocate in less then four subjects. We realize there is no one advocate can be superman unless they know only little. We want our advocate expert and professional in their expertise. We only help the client that we think we can help them. We are not expert in all aspects of law, but we are fully competence in the aspect that we provide to be served to the clients. We want to make the client understand about position of the dispute then they will understand how to pay our service to them. We would like to disperse the knowledge about the law to the client, jurist, attorney, who involved in the justice jurisdiction.

Practice Areas

Arbitration has certain distinct advantages over litigation, especially in an international project. The foreign litigant will fear (perhaps justifiably) that a national court may favor the local party. A national court may lack or appear to lack complete independence if one of the parties in the litigation is the government or a state entity. In contrast, international arbitrations are generally conducted in a country that is neutral vis--vis the parties. The arbitrators will not be the national judges of one of the parties; they will be an international panel.
One of the most important advantages of arbitration, compared to litigation, lies in international enforcement procedures. The laws governing the enforcement of court judgments are a patchwork of bilateral and multilateral agreements, with many gaps. Certain European countries have gone far in granting enforcement of each other's court judgments, concluding the 1968 Brussels Convention on jurisdiction and the enforcement of judgments in Civil and Commercial Matters. However, the United States is not a party to any such treaty.

Banking and Finance
Providing legal service with regard to debt restructuring program or refinancing program, reviewing term sheet, drafting and reviewing restructuring agreement, settlement agreement and security documents.
Providing legal services with respect to loan agreements either bilateral or syndicated, both offshore and onshore, including its security documents, such as pledge of shares, personal guarantee, corporate guarantee, fiduciary or mortgage securitization.

Here are our services:

  • Banking
  • Corporate Finance
  • Project Finance
  • Financial Institutions

Corporate and Investment

General Corporate
Providing legal services in terms of corporate matters, including the establishment of a limited liability company, both under foreign investment or domestic investment law.
Providing legal services with regard to merger and acquisition, dissolution and liquidation of companies; rendering corporate secretarial services, such as amendments to the Articles of Association, any licenses and permits related to company’s business, and any legal correspondences.
Providing services due to corporate restructuring, including without limitation to the comprehensive and limited due diligence services related to joint venture, mergers and acquisitions, privatization, liquidation, sale and purchase of assets and shares.
Drafting and reviewing trade and commercial contracts such as distributorship agreement, technical assistance and sales agent agreement, including the arrangement of permits for the aforementioned activities.

Rendering advice on foreign and domestic capital investment laws, such as procedure, formation and operation of corporations established under Indonesian foreign and domestic investment laws.
Formation companies as implementation to direct investment, which are the establishment of limited liability companies, representative office, partnerships and other business entities.

Here are Our services:

  • Foreign Investment / Joint Venture
  • Mergers and Acquisitions
  • Privatizations
  • Insolvency / Bankruptcy
  • Labor and Employements
  • Contract

Mergers and Acquisitions
We represent bidders, targets, financial advisors, merchant bankers, and other parties in deals ranging from small, privately negotiated transfers of shares and assets to leveraged buyouts, domestic and cross-border public company combinations, joint ventures and strategic alliances, bankruptcy buyouts and other distressed M&A transactions, going private transactions, and contested takeovers.
Interdisciplinary teaming is the central concept underlying our approach to substantial M&A assignments. Our M&A Practice team is composed of corporate, tax, and regulatory lawyers who are recognized for their substantive knowledge, creativity, and intensity. Our objective in any client engagement is to bring the Firm's unparallel experience and scalable resource to bear on a real-time, cost-effective basis.

International Trade
Providing fast, exact and comprehensive legal information and legal services would be absolutely essential nowadays in order to support many transactions done across borders of countries (Transnational Transaction).
In response to those needs, we provide legal information, services, and solutions relating sale of goods, shipping, insurance, including but not limited to documentary credit and case settlement through arbitration process which is appropriate with international trade practice and regulation.

Intellectual Property Rigth
Our Intellectual Property practice includes advice on the registration, protection and enforcement of trademarks, patents and, copyrights. We also assist companies in Indonesia and have participated actively in the rapid growth of franchising arrangements in Indonesia.
We provide services in the negotiation and drafting of the relevant documents and agreements, applications for registration and public announcements.

Here are Our services:

  • Trademarks
  • Trade Secrets
  • Patents
  • Copyrights
  • Licensing
  • Franchising
  • Industrial Designs